Cooperation in Symmetric and Asymmetric Prisoner's Dilemma Games

<p>We experimentally study the effect of asymmetry on cooperation in a 40 period prisoner's dilemma game in fixed partner design. We distinguish between a high and low payoff symmetric prisoner's dilemma and an asymmetric game combined out of both symmetric ones. Asymmetry significantly decreases co...

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1. Person: Beckenkamp, Martin
Weitere Personen: Hennig-Schmidt, Heike; Maier-Rigaud, Frank P.
Format: Buch
Veröffentlicht: Bonn Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods 2006
Beschreibung: 39 p.
Schlagworte: C81 D70 C91 Symmetry Asymmetry Prisoner's Dilemma Experiments
Online Zugang: pre-print
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