The Clash of Globalisations: Neo-Liberalism, the Third Way and Anti-Globalisation: Neo-Liberalism, the Third Way and Anti-globalisation

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1. Person: Kiely, Ray
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Brill Academic Publishers 2005
Beschreibung: This work addresses the politics of globalisation through an examination of neo-liberalism, the third way, and anti-capitalist responses and alternatives. It utilises a Marxist approach, not only to challenge the claims made by apologists for 'actually existing globalisation', but to explain, contextualise and problematise the rise of anti-globalisation politics. Central to the work is a critique of globalisation theory, neo-liberalism and the third way; an examination of the role of the state as an agent of globalisation, particularly the hegemonic US state; a theorisation of the nature of uneven development in the global order; and an examination of the political implications of these issues for progressive alternatives to neo-liberal globalisation.
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