European Retail Research: 2009 | Volume 23 Issue I

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1. Person: Morschett, Dirk
Weitere Personen: Rudolph, Thomas; Schnedlitz, Peter; Schramm-Klein, Hanna; Swoboda, Bernhard
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Springer Gabler 2009
Beschreibung: How effective store flyers are is one of the aspects of most concern to the marketing managers of retail stores as part of their marketing strategy (Hansen/Christiansen/Thomsen 2003). This issue is important because firms spend large sums on producing and subsequently dissemin- ing this material (Raghubir/Inman/Grande 2004). Thus, according to data from IRI, price cuts are the most used promotional technique by hypermarkets (7.3% of the total promotion budget), followed by the use of store flyers (6.6%). Unfortunately, retailers do not know - actly how effective store flyers are in improving their sales. Marketing managers attribute this high investment in sales promotion to the immediate effects of these actions on sales (Schultz/ Robinson/Petrison 1998). Feature promotions or advertised deals constitute an important element of retailer promotion activities (Arnold/Kozinets/Handelman 2001). These huge budgets are justified by the stra- gic role attributed to promotion advertisements (e.g. Bodapati 1999; Volle 1997; Arnold/ Kozinets/Handelman 2001). Thus, many customers engage in a search for low prices and promotions by reading supermarket newspapers or flyers (Walters/Jamil 2003). In addition, feature promotions advertised in store flyers constitute an important source of income for - tailers, resulting from fees charged to manufacturers whose brands appear in the flyer (Gijsbrechts/Campo/Goossens 2003), helping stores to promote new products, announcing new stores, and communicating price specials. On the other hand, store flyers are a means of generating traffic and sales among consumers (Shimp 1997).
Schlagworte: ERS
European Union (EU)
Retail Management
retail research
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