USA and Canada 2009

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1. Person: Europa Publications,
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Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Taylor & Francis 2008
Beschreibung: This renowned reference title provides essential statistical and directory material on these vast North American nations and the issues surrounding them. Completely revised and updated, this eleventh edition brings together statistical, factual and directory information on these two vast nations and their constituent states, provinces and territories.§§Key Features§§- comprehensive geographical, historical, economic and political information§§- contributions from acknowledged regional experts.§§- introductory essays§§- leading experts on the area analyze topics of interest and importance to the region as a whole, including: The North American Free Trade Agreement and the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America; Immigration to Canada and the USA; and Environmental Issues in North America.§§Country Surveys§§Each country is dealt with in greater detail within its own section. Part Two: USA, Part Three: Canada§§Each country chapter includes:§§- introduction §§- essays, including: US Foreign Policy; the Politics of Oil Dependency in the USA; the Role of Religion in US Politics; the US Electoral System; the US Farm Bill; Health and Social Welfare Policy in the USA; Diversity and Equality in the USA; the History of Canada post-1980; Federal Energy Policy in Canada; and Canada’s Foreign Relations§§- directory and statistics.
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