Territories of the Russian Federation 2007

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1. Person: Europa Publications,
Weitere Personen: Heaney, Dominic
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Taylor & Francis 2007
Beschreibung: The Territories of the Russian Federation 2007 offers a diverse collection of political and economic information on the Russian Federation and its eighty-nine constituent units. The introduction examines the Russian Federation as a whole, and consists of an essay written by acknowledged experts, focusing on the economic relationship between the federal subjects and the state, followed by a chronology, demographic and economic statistics, and a review of the federal Government.The second section comprises Territorial Surveys, with a chapter on each of Russia's eighty-nine federal subjects. Each chapter includes: A map, plus a description of location, topography, area and population Details of the history of the territory, followed by information on the recent and existing political situation An economic survey, presenting the latest available data on transport, agriculture, industry, external trade, finance and employment A directory listing essential names and addresses for the leading political officials.The third and fourth parts comprise a select bibliography of books and indexes, listing the territories alphabetically, with a gazetteer of alternative names, and by both Federal Okrug and economic area.Key features: a comprehensive overview of the Russian Federation an analysis and understanding of the country's regional dimension Invaluable directories of important territorial contacts Detailed and accurate political, economic and statistical information Some 100 current maps Extensive information from a wide variety of sources, many of which are unavailable in English.
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