An Introduction to Psychology for the Middle East (and Beyond)

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Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Cambridge University Press 2018
Beschreibung: An Introduction to Psychology for the Middle East (and Beyond) is more than the average psychology textbook. Written in simple English by local contributors in the field of psychology and academia, it not only covers broad concepts and major theories, but also provides students in the Middle East with culturally-relevant examples and indigenous research studies that highlight the ways in which psychology can be applied in their local contexts. Topic Boxes appear throughout the chapters to bring regional concepts to life, and discussion questions at the end of each chapter provide ideas for further exploration. With photos that capture the diversity of the Middle East, students will be able to envision a psychology that is representative of their experiences as they explore this visually-appealing textbook. In doing so, they will be better prepared to understand the relevance of the discipline to their personal lives and the societies in which they live.
Schlagworte: Psychology
Cultural Studies
Social Sciences
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