Essential Psychology

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1. Person: Banyard, Philip
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Sage Publications 2019
Beschreibung: The third edition of Essential Psychology provides a thorough introduction for students and anyone who wishes to gain a strong overview of the field. This team of authors provide a student-friendly guide to Psychology, with a vivid narrative writing style, features designed to stimulate critical thinking and inspire students to learn independently, and online resources for lecturers and students. This comprehensive introductory text is relevant for both the specialist and non-specialist psychology student, challenging those who studied psychology before university while remaining accessible to those who did not. §§The third edition: §§- Gives students a firm foundation in all areas covered on accredited British Psychological Society degree courses §§- Includes new chapters on psychopathology, research methods, language, motivation and emotion, lifespan development, health psychology, forensic psychology and critical social psychology§§- Relates theory to the real world to help students think about where they will employ their degree after undergraduate study
Schlagworte: psychology introduction
psychology basics
forensic psychology
lifespan development
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