Financial Engineering, E-commerce and Supply Chain

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1. Person: Pardalos, Panos M.
Weitere Personen: Tsitsiringos, Vassilis
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Springer US 2002
Beschreibung: Fuelled by an explosive growth of computer and information technology, telecommunications, globalization, and extraordinary theoretical advances, financial engineering, e-commerce and supply chain, have become the core activities of today's economies. Financial engineering focuses upon the fundamental principles of corporate finance and investment science such as cash flow streams, arbitrage, risk aversion, pricing of firms and finance instruments, interest rate structure, fixed income instruments duration, bond portfolio immunization, and the Markowitz mean-variance portfolio theory.§§One of the fast growing elements of the Internet is electronic commerce, which refers to the use of electronic means to conduct business transactions within or across business entities. Nearly 80 percent of all Fortune 500 companies have been doing their core business through the Internet. Many issues, and societal implications of electronic commerce, are the subjects of recent research. A supply chain consists of all the entities and activities that enable the production, distribution, and delivery of products and services to consumers. Research in designing and managing supply chains has rapidly expanded during the last decade. In addition, increased and accessible computing power and modeling capabilities have spurred this growth, enabling researchers to simultaneously consider the many interrelated variables and decisions of a supply chain in a single tractable model.§§Audience: The book will be a valuable scientific source of information to faculty, students, and researchers in finance, business, operations research, as well as for practitioners in these fields.
Schlagworte: Arbitrage
Corporate Finance
Electronic Commerce
information technology
linear optimization
operations research
search engine marketing (SEM)
Economics/Management Science
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