Life Insurance Theory: Actuarial Perspectives

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1. Person: De Vylder, F. Etienne
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Springer US 1997
Beschreibung: This book is different from all other books on Life Insurance by at least one of the following characteristics 1-4. 1. The treatment of life insurances at three different levels: time-capital, present value and price level. We call time-capital any distribution of a capital over time: ( ) is the time-capital with amounts Cl, ~,., C at moments Tl, T,.•, T resp. N 2 N For instance, let (x) be a life at instant 0 with future lifetime X. Then the whole oO oO life insurance A is the time-capital (I,X). The whole life annuity ä is the x x time-capital (1,0) + (1,1) + (1,2) +. + (I,'X), where 'X is the integer part ofX. The present value at 0 of time-capital ( ) is the random variable T1 T TN Cl V + ~ v, +. + CNV. ( ) In particular, the present value ofA 00 and ä 00 is x x 0 0 2 A = ~ and ä = 1 + v + v +. + v'X resp. x x The price (or premium) of a time-capital is the expectation of its present value. In particular, the price ofA 00 and äx 00 is x 2 A = E(~) and ä = E(I + v + v +. + v'X) resp.
Schlagworte: development
differential equation
probability theory
science and technology
statistical method
Economics/Management Science
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