Effective Crisis Communication: Moving From Crisis to Opportunity

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1. Person: Ulmer, Robert R.
Weitere Personen: Sellnow, Timothy L.; Seeger, Matthew W.
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Sage Publications 2007
Beschreibung: 'This book sets a new standard for academics, students, and professionals who desire a comprehensive volume that encapsulates the most recent and up-to-date research on crisis management. The authors have written an important work that speaks to our post-9/11 world, one that demonstrates a mature understanding of crises and how organizations can and should respond to them communicatively'§- Keith Michael Hearit, Western Michigan University §§Effective Crisis Communication: Moving from Crisis to Opportunity provides the reader practical advice on how to effectively manage and overcome a crisis. Authors Robert R. Ulmer, Timothy L. Sellnow, and Matthew W. Seeger provide guidelines for taking the many challenges that crises present and turning those challenges into opportunities for overcoming a crisis. Key Features of this book: §§- Brings together theory and experience: This book introduces readers to sound research and best practices in the field of crisis communication. Introductory chapters offer practical lessons on managing uncertainty, effective crisis communication, and productive crisis leadership that help readers evaluate case studies in later chapters. §§- Provides advice on how to create opportunity from crisis: Unlike other crisis communication texts, this book explains how organizations can and should emerge from crises as better organizations. Examples and lessons on how to capitalize on the opportunities inherent to crisis are provided through organizational learning, sound ethical practices, and risk communication. In addition, the book provides advice on how to create renewal and growth following a crisis. §§- Addresses prominent and diverse cases: Cases and practical applications from a wide variety of crises are included, such as food-borne illness outbreaks, terrorism, industrial disasters, and natural disasters. ôYou Make the Callö exercises allow readers to examine and critique the decisions made in such important cases such as 9/11, Malden Mills, and the 2003 California fires.§§The combination of practical lessons with vivid examples makes this a valuable supplemental text for courses in crisis communication from the perspectives of public relations, health communication, risk communication, and cusiness communication. In addition, it serves as an excellent resource for practitioners of crisis and risk communication in industry.
Schlagworte: Communication & Media Studies
Mass Communication
Public Relations
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