The SAGE Handbook of Performance Studies

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1. Person: Madison, D. Soyini
Weitere Personen: Hamera, Judith A.
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Sage Publications 2006
Beschreibung: The SAGE Handbook of Performance Studies brings together, in a single volume,  discussions of the major research in performance studies and identifies directions for further investigation. It is the only comprehensive collection on the theories, methods, politics, and practices of performance relating to life and culture. Edited by D. Soyini Madison and Judith Hamera, this Handbook serves artists, scholars, and  students across the disciplines by delineating the scope of the field, the critical and interpretive methods used, and the theoretical and ethical presumptions that guide work in this exciting and growing area.   Key Features: ''''Demonstrates the utility of performance studies for diverse academic audiences by organizing topics into six primary realms of performance inquiryùTheory, History, Literature, Pedagogy, Ethnography, and Politics ''Includes engaging explications of performance theory and methods that help readers grasp their significance and to apply them to a wide range of sites and practices ''Summarizes key theoretical and methodological challenges across the field and provides connections with other bodies of research to advance further work in the discipline ''Provides balanced coverage of issues of enduring interest (such as the relationship between performance and politics; performance and ethnography) as well as those currently flourishing in the field (for example, relationships between performance and pedagogy) ''This Handbook opens a range of paradigms and queries that demonstrates the scope and influence of performance.  It will be a welcome addition to any academic library and is of interest to researchers, scholars, and students in the fields of Communication Studies, Performance Studies, Theatre Arts, and Cultural Studies.
Schlagworte: Drama
Communication & Media Studies
Cultural Studies
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