Developing Personal, Social and Moral Education through Physical Education: A Practical Guide for Teachers

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1. Person: Laker, Anthony
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Routledge 2001
Beschreibung: Personal, social and moral development through physical education and sport is a relatively under-researched area. Most teaching concentrates on the performance aspect of physical education, while the National Curriculum requires teachers to address a number of 'non-physical' outcomes such as learning rules, teamwork, cooperation and competition.§This timely book redresses that balance by providing classroom practitioners and student teachers with practical advice, and tried-and-tested suggestions for activities and strategies to help them use physical education as an effective vehicle for the all-round personal development of the individual. §Tony Laker pays particular attention to:§§ curriculum development, planning units of work and lesson planning considering different types of assessment, and suggestions on which forms are most appropriate for measuring programme effectiveness and the personal development of pupils the role of the reflective practitioner and a framework within which teachers can reflect on their practice.§Through using an extensive range of diagrams, photos and bulleted lists, Laker makes this guide a concise and accessible read, giving practitioners the opportunity to extend and develop their abilities in teaching this subject.
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