Women in Technology

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Beschreibung: With a witty and insightful series of essays and interviews, Women in Technology looks at the challenges, rewards, and frustrations of being a female in the technology industry. Women coders, developers, designers, and programmers are a powerful force today. In this collection of articles, the authors share their personal experiences on what it takes to create a career in this field§§§Many of these women are involved with innovations at large corporations, others work in academia or independently, and some are taking risks with creative start-ups. But they all share a passion for what they do. This book gives voice to their real-world experiences and concerns of technology's female side§§§Originally published as a series on the O'Reilly Network, Women in Technology is the brainchild of Tatiana Apandi, an associate editor at O'Reilly. Topics tackled by the articles in this remarkable collection include§§§ Where are all the women in technology? Many hold prominent positions as founders of successful companies, but we often forget to mention that in discussion§§§ Social Engineering: An increasing number of women serve technical projects in what's often perceived as a nurturing role§§§ Tech Startups: Why what is often considered the riskiest professional venture can be the most satisfying personal route§§§ Are there more female-friendly programming languages? Consider the merits of Python for women§§§ Is there gender inequality? Do you care? Or is it not a part of the equation for personal success at all§§§ Face-to-face collaboration: Suggestions for how to build stronger tech communities, starting with making all feel welcome§§§And there is much more. This collection gives you a glimpse at the lives of female technologists. You will find that each viewpoint-from system administrators to CEOs, from those just beginning promising careers to the retired-expands and enriches the discussion of gender in our world today.
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