Airship Technology

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1. Person: Khoury, G. A.
Weitere Personen: Gillett, J. D.
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Cambridge University Press 2004
Beschreibung: This book provides a unique and indispensable guide to modern airship design and operation. Airships today incorporate advanced technology including composite materials, complex electronic systems, and fly by light controls. They demand the latest theories in aerodynamics, stability and control and require the use of advanced design tools such as numerical finite element structural analysis and computer aided design. This comprehensive and fully-illustrated account brings together airship specialists from both universities and industry. After a general introduction, the essentials of aerostatics, aerodynamics, stability and control, propulsion, materials and structures are covered. The following chapters consider weight estimates and control, ground handling and mooring, systems, performance and piloting. The final chapters examine suggestions for improving airship performance, survey unconventional designs, synthesise various design elements, and look at airship roles and economic considerations vital for the success of the airship in the market place. Detailed references are also included.
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