The Politics of Bureaucracy: An Introduction to Comparative Public Administration

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1. Person: Peters, B. Guy (University of Pittsburgh, USA)
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Taylor & Francis 2018
Beschreibung: Written by B. Guy Peters, a leading authority in the field, this comprehensive exploration of the political and policy making roles of public bureaucracies is now available in a fully revised seventh edition, offering extensive, well-documented comparative analysis of the effects of politics on bureaucracy.§Updates to this edition include: §§All new coverage of public administration in Latin America and Africa, with special attention paid to the impact of New Public Management and other ideas for reform;§§An examination of the European Union and its effects on public policy and public administration in member countries, as well as an exploration of the EU as a particular type of bureaucracy;§§A renewed emphasis on coordination and the role of central agencies;§§Athorough assessment of 'internationalization' of bureaucracies and concerns with the role of international pressures on domestic governments and organizations in the public sector;§§Coverage of the wide-ranging impacts of the 2008 economic slowdown on public bureaucracies and public policies, and the varied success of governmental responses to the crisis.§§Drawing on evidence from a wide variety of political systems, The Politics of Bureaucracy,Seventh Edition, continues to be essential reading for all students of government, policy analysis,politics, and international relations.
Schlagworte: B. Guy Peters
international relations
new public management
performance management
policy analysis
public administration
public bureaucracies
public bureaucracy
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