Climate Change Ethics: Navigating the Perfect Moral Storm

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1. Person: Brown, Donald A. (Widener University, USA)
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Taylor & Francis 2013
Beschreibung: Climate change is now the biggest challenge faced by humanity worldwide and ethics is the crucial missing componentin the debate about what to do about this enormous threat. This book examines why thirty-five years of discussion of human-induced warming has failed to acknowledge fundamental ethical concerns, and subjects climate change’s most important policy questions to ethical analysis.§This book examines why ethical principles have failed to gain traction in policy formation and recommends specific strategies to ensure that climate change policies are consistent with ethical principles. Because climate change is a global problem that requires a global solution and given that many nations refuse participation due to perceived inequities in proposedinternational solutions, this book explains why ensuring that nations, sub-national governments, organizations, businesses and individuals acknowledge and respond to their ethical obligations is both an ethical and practical mandate. This book is the first of its kind to go beyond a mere account of relevant ethical questions to offer a pragmatic guideon how to make ethical principles influential in formulatingthe world’s response to climate change. §Written by Donald A. Brown, a leading voice in the field, it should be of interest to policy makers, and those studying environmental policy, climate change policy, international relations, environmental ethics and philosophy.
Schlagworte: Biodiversity
Climate Change
Environmental economics
Environmental policy
Environmental studies
Sustainable development
Environmental ethics
Environmental philosophy
Emissions Reductions Targets
Stephen Mark Gardiner
Climate Ethics
A Perfect Moral Storm
Environment debate
Climate Change ethics
Climate change policy
Greenhouse gas emmissions
Climate change adaptation
Climate change resilience
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