The Environment and International Politics: International Fisheries, Heidegger and Social Method

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1. Person: Seckinelgin, Hakan
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Routledge 2005
Beschreibung: This new study shows how environmental issues represent a deep problem in conceptualising the relationship between human beings and nature.§Thiskeyrelationship grounds the implicit ethical and political concerns of International Relationsand our understandingsof environmental politics. It demonstrates that the core theoretical orientations of the study of International Relations are not only incapable of understanding and responding to contemporary problems, but are profoundly complicit in creating the ecological problems in the first place.This major bookdevelopsa sense of these realitiesbased on the thinking of Martin Heidegger. It forwardsnew ways of rethinking the environmental questions and addresses crucial issues such as sovereignty, the International Law of The Sea, the Kyoto Protocol, Northern Alaskan oil exploration and exploitation and the impact of the United Nations Convention on the Law of The Sea III. §This is essential specialist reading for readers concerned with the environment.
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