Growth of the International Economy, 1820-2015

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1. Person: Graff, Michael
Weitere Personen: Kenwood, A. G.; Lougheed, A. L.
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Taylor & Francis 2013
Beschreibung: Kenwood and Lougheed’s classic book has been the benchmark introduction to the development of the global economy for decades. For this fifth edition, Michael Graff has brought the story up to date to include events from the early part of the twenty first century – continued globalization, the emergence of Asia as an economic power and the greater role played by business on the international scene.§§Beginning with the industrial revolution, the book charts the long nineteenth century, the impact of colonialism, the fast pace of technology growth and the impact of global wars. New features to this edition include:§§a prologue explaining the initial conditions faced by the world economy in 1820, detailing the beginnings of international trade and the influence of slavery§§greater coverage of developing countries§§increased coverage of World Wars I and II and of the twentieth century§§a number of appendices outlining the economic concepts and theories underlying the text§§This new edition of Growth of the International Economy provides the reader with a clear understanding of the factors which have been instrumental in creating the economic environment we face two hundred years after the industrial revolution.
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