Health and Social Research in Multiethnic Societies

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1. Person: Nazroo, James Y.
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Routledge 2006
Beschreibung: This volume presentsa ready source of information on the methodological issues facing research on ethnicity, which is highly relevantto a wide variety of health, economic and social issues in modern societies. §Straightforward in its approach and accessible to those who are not specialists in studies of ethnicity, Health and Social Research in Multiethnic Societies provides essential and clear guidance on appropriate methods. Topics covered include: §§approaches to conceptualizing ethnicity and understanding the context of ethnicity in modern societies§ethical issues and the political context within which ethnicity research is conducted§engagement with researched communities, and with users more broadly§cultural competence in research§practical issues faced by both qualitative and quantitative research§use of secondary and administrative data sources for research.§§Using a combination of critical analysis and case studies to illustrate the benefits and pitfalls of particular approaches, this volume provides access to core issues relevant to research with ethnic minority groups. It is a vital resource for those carrying out, and using, what is a considerable body of research, including students, academics, researchers, and research commissioners.
Schlagworte: communities
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