Researching for Television and Radio

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1. Person: Emm, Adele
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Taylor & Francis 2001
Beschreibung: Researching for Television and Radio is an essential guide to the skills necessary for working as a researcher in the television and radio industries. It explains the key stages of programme making, identifies the main areas of radio and television production, details the important role of the researcher and explores the key areas of the job.§Emm offers practical advice and instruction on technical, ethical and legal issues which affect the researcher's work. Beginning with suggestions on how to think up ideas and devise treatments through to general research methods and techniques and guidance on filming and recording on location and abroad, it uses real examples of good and bad practice from the industry. Written by an experienced researcher and producer, Researching for Radio and Television includes:§§ tips on finding contributors from contestants and audiences to experts and specialists§ advice on filming, recording and using music§ how to find photographs, pictures and film clips§ a discussion of risk assessment, codes of conduct and safety issues§ a guide to essential directories§ a glossary of television and radio terms, further reading and a list of helpful websites.
Schlagworte: Routledge
Adele Emm
General Research
Picture Research
Photograph Rights
Film Clip Rights
Question Setting
Using Music
Using Sound Effects
Using SFX
Filming Locations
Researching Abroad
Writing Abroad
Filming Abroad
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