Working for Full Employment

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1. Person: Philpott, John
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Routledge 1996
Beschreibung: After more than twenty years of mass unemployment in Britain and throughout much of Europe can the aspiration of "jobs for all" once again become a reality? Working for Full Employment considers the feasibility of full employment in a modern market economy. The book is written by a group of experts who were pivotal in pushing full employment up the political agenda in the mid 1990's. They identify the hard choices which policy makers must face and discuss why full employment has been so elusive for the past twenty years. The authors examine: The effects of new technology and increased trade The increased participation of women in the labour market The impact of labour market regulation on employment Worksharing How welfare reform can help the long term unemployed into jobs The role of industrial policy Reform of pay bargaining Well informed and accessible, this book is a valuable contribution to the developing debate on labour market policy.
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