An Encyclopedia of the History of Technology

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1. Person: McNeil, Ian
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Routledge 1990
Beschreibung: 22 sections cover the entire field of the history of technology and each section summarises the development of its subject from the earliest times to the present day Written without unnecessary jargon 2 extensive indexes of Names and Topics Usefully illustrated with 150 black & white photographs and line drawings to explain key advances`Contain[s] a vast amount of reliable information over a very wide field. It is certainly a work of which I shall myself make frequent use. it deserves to find a place. in every reference library.' - Times Higher Education Supplement`The coverage is excellent. a most valuable single-volume source which for its comprehensiveness and ease of reference will earn its place in both specialist and general reference collections.' - Reference Reviews`Informative and comprehensive, remarkable in its coverage. covers every aspect of technology from the Stone Age to the Space Age. will undoubtedly help readers to get a grip on and feel of an enormous range of subjects. An invaluable and practical addition to most office bookshelves or libraries.' - New Civil Engineer`The authors represented in this book are to be congratulated for their readable and reliable surveys of the past and present status of the major areas where mankind has harnessed science for the production of useful products and processes.' - Choice
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