Performance Improvement Through Information Management: Health Care's Bridge to Success

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1. Person: Ball, Marion J.
Weitere Personen: Douglas, Judith V.
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Springer New York 1999
Beschreibung: Performance Improvement through Information Management highlights performance improvement and business strategies throughout various health care settings, focusing on business drivers and management mechanisms, explaining when, how, and why information technology solutions are of value. Structured on three levels: Market Environment, Transformational Processes, and Enabling Technologies, the text describes the current state of the art of health care and the shape of things to come, and provides practical solutions and strategies for implementing applications of technology within the current context of health care and its transformation. This text will be an invaluable reference to the chief executive officers, chief information officers, senior executives, and board members who are shaping health care today and into the 21st century. Likewise, it will appeal to healthcare administrators and managers, healthcare systems specialists, and students in advanced healthcare professional and academic programs.
Schlagworte: Information Technology (IT)
computerassistierte Detektion
information system
information technology
information management
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