Japanese Foreign Policy Today

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1. Person: Inoguchi, Takashi
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Palgrave Macmillan 2001
Beschreibung: As the twentieth century closes, the military dimensions of power have receded while economic strength has gained muscle. The United States remains the leading world power, but across the Pacific, Japan has the world's second largest economy and great international economic clout. Some voices in the international arena have urged Japan to play more constructive and politically active roles in the international arena. This volume collects a series of essays analyzing the key issues in Japan's international relations as it heads toward a new world order: the pressing global and regional issues and their domestic implications, the actors, and major policy directions. The book brings together the leading specialists in the field of Japan's international relations to provide comprehensive detail and new interpretations on Japan's foreign policy.
Schlagworte: Politics - International Relations
Online Zugang: Volltext
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