UN Peacekeeping, American Policy and the Uncivil Wars of the 1990s

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1. Person: Durch, William J.
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Palgrave Macmillan 1996
Beschreibung: In a stunning follow-up to his well-received The Evolution of UN Peacekeeping, William Durch looks at the peacekeeping efforts of the United Nations as they took shape during the present decade. El Salvador, Angola, Mozambique, Rwanda, Somalia, Cambodia and the former Yugoslavia all harboured explosive political situations that tested, and in some cases continue to test, the limits of the United Nations ability to keep peace in a world where the political situation is constantly changing. Anyone interested in international politics and peacekeeping will want to read Durch's newest.§§Introduction and Overview; W.J.Durch - Knowing When to Say No: The Development of US Policy for Peacekeeping; I.H.Daalder - Pursuing Human Rights: The United Nations Operation in El Salvador; F.O.Hampson - The Peace that Fell Apart: The United Nations and the War in Angola; Y.C.Lodico - The Politics of Reconciliation: The United Nations Operation in Mozambique; P.L.Reed - The Politics of Death: Peacekeeping and Disaster Relief in Rwanda; J.M.Vaccaro - Introduction to Anarchy: Humanitarian Intervention and 'State-building' in Somalia; W.J.Durch - Creating Legitimate Governance: The United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia; J.A.Schear - Neutrality and Responsibility: Peace Operations in the Former Yugoslavia; W.J.Durch & J.A.Schear - Spheres of Interest: Keeping the Peace in the Borderlands of Russia; K.P.O'Prey - Epilogue
Schlagworte: Politics - International Relations
Online Zugang: Volltext
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