Expectations and the Food Industry: The Impact of Color and Appearance

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1. Person: Hutchings, John B.
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Springer US 2003
Beschreibung: Expectations drive our lives and actions. Our interpretation of the scene out in front governs whether or not we eat and whether or not we patronize a store or restaurant. The activity of the moment is pursued not only for duty or immediate pleasure but also with the dread, excitement, or merely boredom that lies ahead. The stimulus provided by the total appearance of the object or scene engenders expectations of the outcome of our involvement with the object or event.§§Throughout the food chain, expectations are at the heart of quality judgements and price. On entering a restaurant or pub we may subconsciously judge qualities such as cleanliness, comfort, privacy, and quality. A major part of these judgements are responses to the visual properties of the space.§§This book tackles expectations and how they arise, expectations associated with strangers involved in the food industry, with the business façade, advertisement and packaging, as well as expectations engendered in store and restaurant and from the food itself. This holistic approach has been taken because total appearance images and expectations are critical in separate and interlinking ways to all aspects of food research, development, production, marketing, sales and preparation, as well as consumption. Above all, they are critical to each individual customer whether they are in the kitchen, store, restaurant or pub.§§This book seeks to help those in all areas of industry who contribute to the visual stimulus experienced by the customer. These include architects, store designers, and food producers, whether they be banquet chef or manufacturer, as well as those in advertising and packaging or having responsibility for training customer contact staff. It will also serve as a text for students and graduates of food science, marketing in its widest sense, retailing, and those concerned with food and its presentation. §§Although this book is directed at members of the food industry, the philosophy, approach, and interpretation apply to all industries and service sectors that depend on a person's visual appraisal of an object, scene, or situation.
Schlagworte: Chemistry
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