Ageism: Stereotyping and Prejudice against Older Persons

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1. Person: Nelson, Todd D.
Weitere Personen: Bergman, Yoav S.; Couto, Maria Clara P. de Paula; Wentura, Dirk; North, Michael S.; Fiske, Susan T.; Greenberg, Jeff; Helm, Peter; Maxfield, Molly; Schimel, Jeff; McDonald, Lynn; Kagan, Sarah H.; Bugental, Daphne Blunt; Hehman, Jessica A.; Griffin, Barbara; Bayl-Smith, Piers; Barbour, Jennifer; Whitbourne, Susan Krauss; Montepare, Joann M.; Bodner, Ehud; Shannonhouse, Laura; Rumsey, Amanda; Mize, Mary Chase
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: MIT Press Ltd 2017
Beschreibung: Current research and theory from a range of disciplines on ageism, discussing issues from elder abuse to age discrimination against workers, revised and updated.People commonly use age to categorize and stereotype others–even though those who stereotype the elderly are eventually bound to become elderly themselves. Ageism is found cross-culturally, but it is especially prevalent in the United States, where most people regard growing older with depression, fear, and anxiety. Older people in the United States are stigmatized and marginalized, with often devastating consequences. This volume collects the latest theory and research on prejudice against older people, offering perspectives from psychology, nursing, medicine, social work, and other fields. The second edition has been completely updated, with new or extensively revised contributions. The contributors, all experts in their fields, consider issues that range from elder abuse to age discrimination against workers. There has been a relative dearth of research on ageism, perhaps because age prejudice is still considered socially acceptable. This book is still the only one that examines ageism in such detail, from such diverse scholarly perspectives. The contributors discuss the origins and effects of ageism and offer suggestions for how to reduce ageism as the wave of baby boomers heads for old age.Contributors§Yoav S. Bergman, Ehud Bodner, Jennifer Barbour, Piers Bayl-Smith, Daphne Blunt Bugental, Maria Clara P. de Paula Couto, Susan T. Fiske, Jeff Greenberg, Barbara Griffin, Jessica A. Hehman, Peter Helm, Sarah H. Kagan, Molly Maxfield, Lynn McDonald, Mary Chase Mize, Joann M. Montepare, Todd D. Nelson, Michael S. North, Amanda Rumsey, Jeff Schimel, Laura Shannonhouse, Dirk Wentura, Susan Krauss Whitbourne
Schlagworte: collection
old age
older people
older persons
higher education
social psychology
public policy
social science
societal attitude
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