Working with HDV: Shoot, Edit, and Deliver Your High Definition Video

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1. Person: Gloman, Chuck
Weitere Personen: Pescatore, Mark J.
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Taylor & Francis 2006
Beschreibung: Over the past few years, HDV has burst onto the professional video production landscape and is changing the world of high-definition acquisition. Are you ready to make the transition to HDV? Let this book, with its clear, unbiased overview of HDV, be your guide. More than a catalog of HDV products, this book provides you with perspective on the driving forces behind high-definition, technical information about digital video technologies that's easy to follow, and real-world tips for getting the most out of your HDV investment. The book also includes a tear-out focusing chart, HDV resource guide, and detailed glossary for quick reference, making it a timely and valuable resource for video professionals and students.§"Working with HDV" provides the answers to some of the big questions surrounding this exciting format such as: why has HDV become so popular so quickly; is HDV right for your next project; what are your HDV camcorder/equipment options; how does HDV differ from other video formats; why is shooting with HDV similar to shooting with a film camera; how will you manage your HDV post production workflow; does HDV make good business sense for your operation; and, what are the alternatives to HDV on the market. Don't get left behind as HDV momentum continues to build - get up and running quickly with this handy guide that demystifies what to use and how to use it. This title includes a handy tear-out focus chart. Learn to shoot professional-quality HDV on a budget with this guide! Go beyond manufacturer hype and learn what HDV can really do for you.
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