A Broadcast Engineering Tutorial for Non-Engineers - A Broadcast Engineering Tutorial for Non-Engineers

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1. Person: Jones, Graham
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Taylor & Francis 2005
Beschreibung: Important Updates!§This third edition has been reorganized and updated throughout. It encompasses new standards and identifies and explains emerging digital technologies currently revolutionizing the industry. Additions include:§§."Broadcast Basics" - first principles for those who really are starting from scratch§.ATSC PSIP (Program and System Information Protocol) and Data Broadcasting§.More information on ATSC digital television standards and implementation§.Current TV studio operations - HD and SD systems, video servers, non-linear editing, electronic news rooms, closed captioning, and compressed bitstreams§.Station and network arrangements, centralcasting, and multicasting§.IBOC digital HD radio and methods for implementation§.Current radio studio operations - digital audio workstations, program automation, and voice tracking§.and much more!§§§ Learn from industry expert Graham Jones of the National Association of Broadcasters--the most trusted name in broadcast§ Covers television and radio, analog and digital§ Packed with jargon-busters
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