Television News: Edited by Ray Alexander

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1. Person: Yorke, Ivor
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Taylor & Francis 2000
Beschreibung: This book is a straightforward account of the editorial and production processes used by journalists to bring television news to the viewer. It is an invaluable text for students on journalism courses, print and radio journalists moving into television and TV journalists wishing to update their knowledge. It takes into account the latest practices and issues in the television industry. This Fourth Edition has been thoroughly updated to take account of the latest practices and issues in the television industry. It includes new illustrations of developments from both a technological and an editorial perspective. In a changing broadcasting environment, newcomers to television journalism are finding themselves entering a world in which an empathy with technology is as important as a way with words. The newsroom itself is now completely computerized and consequently new skills and working methods need to be mastered to take account of the revolutionary advances. This book keeps up to date with the latest practices and issues. It gets everything you need to know from this respected and classic text, and is easy to understand with a factual and logical approach.
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