Sociology of the European Union

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1. Person: Favell, Adrian
Weitere Personen: Guiraudon, Virginie
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Macmillan Education 2011
Beschreibung: Sociology of the European Union examines how core sociological theories, concepts and methods can be applied to the study of the EU. Carefully integrating theory and empirical research, the book:§§• Explores key concepts in European studies, such as Europeanization, integration and transnationalism§• Assesses the social foundations of Europe, from class and citizenship to mobility and culture§• Includes contributions by internationally renowned names in political, economic and cultural sociology§• Contains a postface from George Ross, one of the leading figures in contemporary European Studies§ §This thought-provoking book opens up new questions and debates whilst introducing readers to essential ideas and cutting-edge research. It is invaluable reading for students of Sociology, European Studies, Politics and International Relations.
Schlagworte: EU Politics
European Integration
European Union
European Union (EU)
empirical research
international relations
social theory
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