Emotions, Technology, and Learning

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1. Person: Tettegah, Sharon Y.
Weitere Personen: McCreery, Michael P.
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Elsevier Science 2015
Beschreibung: Research suggests two important roles of emotion related to learning and technology.  First, emotion can be the key factor that is being learned or taught through technological means. Second, emotional responses with and through technology can alter what is being learned or how the content is learned.  The goal of this volume is to compile and synthesize research that addresses these two perspectives by focusing on the relationship between emotion and learning as facilitated by technology. The book is divided into four sections to represent the specific interest related to emotion and learning: Theory and Overview of Emotions and Learning; Emotions and Learning Online; Technology for Emotional Pedagogy with Students; and Technology of Emotional Pedagogy with Teachers. §§§§- Provides a deeper theoretical and empirical perspective of emotion and learning§- Discusses how blended and online learning impact our ability to share emotion or learn emotion§- Explores how students learn emotion, share emotion, and how it impacts their ability to learn§- Examines how teachers learn emotion, share, emotion, and how it impacts their ability to teach through technology§- Addresses student diversity
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