Archaeology of The Southwest

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1. Person: Cordell, Linda
Format: Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Elsevier Science 1997
Beschreibung: The successful Prehistory of the Southwest has been updated with twelve years of new research in the field. The new edition is entitled Archaeology of the Southwest, and it provides a coherent and comprehensive summary of the major themes and topics central to the modern practice and interpretation of Southwest archaeology. Cordell's text is the best study on the market. After an extensive review process, the revision addresses specific issues in order to effectively meet the audience's interests and demands. This new edition introduces new data and syntheses of information, including those available through advanced technology. It presents reconceptualized chapters, and provides new or improved illustrations throughout the text.§§Key - Offers a readable and accurate representation of current debates and research in the American Southwest§- Challenges readers to integrate the structure and meaning of various broad regional trends that preceded the European conquest§- Covers the latest in field research and topical syntheses§- Addresses curricular cultural diversity requirements§- Contains new maps, line drawings, and photos
Schlagworte: Political Science: General information
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