Monetary economics

The New Palgrave Economics Collection Following the publication of the award-winning and much-acclaimed The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, Second Edition, which brings together Nobel Prize winners and the brightest young scholars to survey the discipline, a new series of reference books is no... Ausführliche Beschreibung

1. Person: Durlauf, Steven N. [Hrsg.]
Weitere Personen: Blume, Lawrence E. [Hrsg.]
Format: Buch
Genre: Aufsatzsammlung
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Basingstoke [u.a.] Palgrave Macmillan 2010
Beschreibung: VIII, 384 S. graph. Darst.
Ausgabe: 1. publ.
Serien: The new Palgrave economics collection
Schlagworte (SWD): Geld
Schlagworte (STW): Geldpolitik
Schlagworte (SH): Monetary policy
Online Zugang: Inhaltsverzeichnis
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Titel: Balderston, Theo:  2010. German hyperinflation
Titel: Barnett, William A.:  2010. Monetary aggregation
Titel: Binder, Michael:  2010. European Central Bank
Titel: Bordo, Michael D.:  2010. Monetary policy, history of
Titel: Boyd, John H.:  2010. Finanical intermediation
Titel: Cagan, Phillip:  2010. Monetarism
Titel: Calomiris, Charles W.:  2010. Banking crises
Titel: Chatterjee, Satyajit:  2010. Great depression, monetary and financial forces in
Titel: Dimand, Robert W.:  2010. Monetary economics, history of
Titel: Eggertsson, Gauti B.:  2010. Liquidity trap
Titel: Erceg, Christopher J.:  2010. Monetary business cycle models (sticky prices and wages)
Titel: Friedman, Benjamin M.:  2010. Money supply
Titel: Friedman, Milton:  2010. Quantity theory of money
Titel: Fuerst, Timothy S.:  2010. Optimum quantity of money
Titel: Fuerst, Timothy S.:  2010. Real bills doctrine versus the quantity theory
Titel: Gale, Douglas:  2010. Money and general equilibrium
Titel: Golosov, Michail Ju.:  2010. Optimal fiscal and monetary policy (with commitment)
Titel: Golosov, Michail Ju.:  2010. Optimal fiscal and monetary policy (without commitment)
Titel: Goodhart, Charles W.:  2010. Bank of England
Titel: Hellwig, Christian:  2010. Monetary business cycles (imperfect information)
Titel: Hester, Donald D.:  2010. Federal reserve system
Titel: Ireland, Peter N.:  2010. Monetary transmission mechanism
Titel: Klein, Paul:  2010. Time consistency of monetary and fiscal policy
Titel: Kocherlakota, Narayana R.:  2010. Monetary and fiscal policy overview
Titel: Lagos, Ricardo:  2010. Inside and outside money
Titel: Leeper, Eric Michael:  2010. Government budget constraints
Titel: Nicolini, Juan Pablo:  2010. Hyperinflation
Titel: Officer, Lawrence H.:  2010. Gold standard
Titel: Officer, Lawrence H.:  2010. Silver standard
Titel: Orphanides, Athanasios:  2010. Taylor rules
Titel: Patinkin, Don:  2010. Neutrality of money
Titel: Posen, Adam S.:  2010. Euro
Titel: Roberds, William:  2010. Payment systems
Titel: Rolnick, Arthur J.:  2010. Free banking era
Titel: Svensson, Lars E. O.:  2010. Inflation targeting
Titel: Tobin, James:  2010. Money
Titel: Velde, Francois R.:  2010. Commodity money
Titel: Wallace, Neil:  2010. Fiat money
Titel: Walsh, Carl E.:  2010. Central bank independence
Titel: Wright, Randall:  2010. Search-and-matching models of monetary exchange

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