Ethics and electronic information: a Festschrift for Stephen Almagno

The essays collected here were presented at the 2001 symposium on "Ethics of Electronic Information in the 21st Century". The first section features papers that pay tribute to Stephen Almagno, the first professor in the USA to teach an ethics course in a library science programme.... Ausführliche Beschreibung

1. Person: Rockenbach, Barbara [Hrsg.]
Weitere Personen: Almagno, Stephen; Mendina, Tom [Hrsg.]
Format: Festschrift
Genre: Kongress, Aufsatzsammlung, Biographie, Bibliographie
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Jefferson, NC [u.a.] McFarland 2003
Beschreibung: VIII, 213 S.
Schlagworte (SWD): Informationstechnik
Memphis Tenn., 2001
Almagno, Romano Stephen
Almagno, Romano Stephen
Schlagworte (SH): Almagno, Stephen > Congresses
Electronic information resources > Moral and ethical aspects > Congresses
Information science > Moral and ethical aspects > Congresses
Information technology > Moral and ethical aspects > Congresses
Internet > Moral and ethical aspects > Congresses
Library science > Moral and ethical aspects > Congresses
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Anmerkung: Includes papers originally presented at the 2001 "Ethics of Electronic Information in the 21st Century" symposium, held at the University of Memphis on Oct. 18-21, 2001.
Titel: Almagno, Stephen:  2003. Ma position intellectuelle
Titel: Armeni, Spyridoula M.:  2003. Watermarking from ethics to praxis
Titel: Britz, J. J.:  2003. Universal bibliographic control - a contradiction in terms? a reflection on the ethical problems and dilemmas of universal bibliographic control
Titel: Caftori, Netiva:  2003. Ethical reflections
Titel: Carbo, Toni:  2003. Stephen Almagno a reminiscence
Titel: Carr, David Wildon:  2003. An ethos of trust in information service
Titel: Crowley, Bill:  2003. Intracultural reciprocity, information ethics, and the survival of librarianship in the 21st century
Titel: Duff, Alistair S.:  2003. Social democracy and information media policy
Titel: Hill, J. B.:  2003. Libraries in the world of e-commerce technological opportunities and ethical implications
Titel: Huber, Jeffrey T.:  2003. Ma position intellectuelle a discourse-specific response
Titel: Kerr, Ian R.:  2003. Internet user dependence and the duty of loyalty
Titel: King, J. Wayne:  2003. The internet plagiarism's newest accomplice?
Titel: Koehler, Wallace C.:  2003. The organizations that represent information professionals form, function, and professional ethics
Titel: Lee, Byung S.:  2003. Clashes between businesses and consumers over unsolicited commercial e-mails
Titel: Lopes Vigário, Maria Antonieta:  2003. An ethics for the electronic world the ethics of dialogue
Titel: Pourciau, Lester J.:  2003. The ethics of electronic information in China and in Eastern Europe
Titel: Rockenbach, Barbara:  2003. Stephen Almagno Biography and bibliography
Titel: Smith, Bryan:  2003. Ethical hacking the security justification
Titel: Sturges, Paul:  2003. Preserving a secret garden for the mind the ethics of user privacy in the digital library
Titel: Zimmerman, Nancy:  2003. It is not just a matter of ethics II an examination of issues related to the ethical provision of consumer health services in public libraries
Titel: Zimmermann, Nancy:  2003. My response to ma position intellectuelle

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