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Titel: 2000. 14th U.S. National Congress of Applied Mechanics
Titel: Pyzalla, A.:  2000. Methods and Feasibility of Residual Stress Analysis by High-Energy Synchrotron Radiation in Transmission Geometry Using a White Beam
Titel: Rajic, N.:  2000. An Investigation of the Bias Caused by Surface Coatings on Material Loss Evaluation by Quantitative Thermography
Titel: Spies, Martin:  2000. Computationally Efficient SH-Wave Modeling in Transversely Isotropic Media
Titel: Aristégui, Christophe:  2000. Determination of the Elastic Symmetry of a Monolithic Ceramic using Bulk Acoustic Waves
Titel: Chang, Young-Fo:  2000. Frequency-Wavenumber Migration of Ultrasonic Data
Titel: Chen, Hung-Liang (Roger):  2000. Study of Acoustic Surface Waveguides on Reinforced Concrete Slabs
Titel: Tai, Cheng-Chi:  2000. Bolt-Hole Corner Crack Inspection Using the Photoinductive Imaging Method
Titel: Makarov, Sergey:  2000. Identification of Depth and Size of Subsurface Defects by a Multiple-Voltage Probe Sensor: Analytical and Neural Network Techniques
Titel: Rose, J.:  2000. Modeling for Flaw Sizing Potential with Guided Waves
Titel: Zhang, Ming:  2000. Ultrasonic Self-Focusing on the Edge of a Surface-Breaking Crack: Experiment and Modeling
Titel: Dixon, S.:  2000. Considerations for the Ultrasonic Inspection of Metal-Adhesive Bonds Using EMATs
Titel: Lo, Yu-Lung:  2000. Pressure Vessel Wall Thinning Detection Using Multiple Pairs of Fiber Bragg Gratings For Unbalanced Strain Measurements
Titel: Li, Zongjin:  2000. Application of Infrared Thermography Technique in Building Finish Evaluation
Titel: Petri, M. C.:  2000. Eddy Current Signal Deconvolution Technique for the Improvement of Steam Generator Tubing Burst Pressure Predictions
Titel: 1999. Foreword
Titel: 1999. Twenty-Seventh Annual Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation:2000 QNDE Conference, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, July 16–21, 2000
Titel: Inanc, Feyzi:  1999. Analysis of X-Ray and Gamma Ray Scattering Through Computational Experiments
Titel: Auld, B. A.:  1999. Review of Advances in Quantitative Eddy Current Nondestructive Evaluation
Titel: Cheng, A.:  1999. Characterization of Layered Cylindrical Structures Using Axially Symmetric Waves
Titel: Hassan, Waled:  1999. Experimental Investigation of the Grain Noise in Interferometric Detection of Ultrasonic Waves
Titel: Hopko, Sandra Nowland:  1999. Laser Ultrasonics: Simultaneous Generation by Means of Thermoelastic Expansion and Material Ablation
Titel: Wooh, Shi-Chang:  1999. A Simulation Study of the Beam Steering Characteristics for Linear Phased Arrays
Titel: Cheng, Weiying:  1999. Reconstruction of Cracks with Multiple Eddy Current Coils Using a Database Approach
Titel: Nayeb-Hashemi, H.:  1999. Nondestructive Evaluation of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Subjected to Combined Localized Heat Damage and Fatigue Damage Using Acoustic Emission
Titel: Clay, Arthur C.:  1999. Experimental Study of Phased Array Beam Steering Characteristics
Titel: Makarov, Sergey:  1999. The Effect of a Short Pulse of Current on Small Particles in a Conducting Fluid
Titel: Prosser, W. H.:  1999. Finite Element and Plate Theory Modeling of Acoustic Emission Waveforms
Titel: Clark, A. V.:  1999. Ultrasonic Measurement of Stress in Pin and Hanger Connections
Titel: 1998. 1999 ASME Mechanics and Materials Conference
Titel: 1998. Announcement
Titel: 1998. Announcement
Titel: 1998. Announcement
Titel: Green, E. Rhian:  1998. Acoustic Emission in Composite Laminates
Titel: Rhian Green, E.:  1998. Acoustic emission in composite laminates
Titel: Tam, K. C.:  1998. Computation of Radon Data from Cone Beam Data in Cone Beam Imaging
Titel: Tam, K. C.:  1998. Region-of-Interest Imaging in Cone Beam 3-D CT
Titel: Chen, Zhenmao:  1998. A New Approach for Optimal Design of Eddy Current Testing Probes
Titel: Chen, Zhenmao:  1998. A new approach for optimal design of Eddy Current Testing probes
Titel: Chen, Zhenmao:  1998. ECT Inversion Using a Knowledge-Based Forward Solver
Titel: Chen, Zhenmao:  1998. ECT inversion using a knowledge-based forward solver
Titel: Popa, Radu C.:  1998. Approximate Inverse Mapping in ECT, Based on Aperture Shifting and Neural Network Regression
Titel: Popa, Radu C.:  1998. Approximate inverse mapping in ECT, based on aperture shifting and neural network regression
Titel: Shin, Hyeon Jae:  1998. Guided Wave Tuning Principles for Defect Detection in Tubing
Titel: Arora, Yogesh:  1998. The Tube to Tube Through Transmission Technique for Inspecting Finned Heat Exchanger Tubes
Titel: Arora, Yogesh:  1998. The tube to tube through transmissions technique for inspecting finned heat exchanger tubes
Titel: Littles, Jerrol W.:  1998. Single-Sided Ultrasonic Technique to Characterize Thick FRP Composites
Titel: Littles, Jerrol W.:  1998. Single-sided ultrasonic technique to characterize thick FRP composites
Titel: Ludwig, Reinhold:  1998. Three-Dimensional Solution and Experimental Confirmation for the Electric Resistivity Testing of Surface-Breaking Defects in Green-State Powder Metallurgy Compacts
Titel: Ludwig, Reinhold:  1998. Three-dimensional solution and experimental confirmation for the electric resistivity testing of surface-breaking defects in green-state powder metallurgy compacts

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