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Titel: 2000. Book Review
Titel: 2000. Book Review
Titel: 2000. Book Review
Titel: 2000. IFIP World Conference on Computers in Education WCCE 2001
Titel: Dillon, Justin:  2000. Young People, Creativity and New Technologies: The Challenge of Digital Arts
Titel: FOSTER, SALLY:  2000. Australian undergraduate Internet usage: self-taught, self-directed, and self-limiting?
Titel: Gough, John:  2000. Opinion: ‘Learning Technologies’? ‘Convergent Technologies’? What Do These Mean?
Titel: Johnson, David C.:  2000. Algorithmics and programming in the school mathematics curriculum: support is waning - is there still a case to be made?
Titel: Kapitzke, CushLa:  2000. Information Technology as Cultural Capital:Shifting the Boundaries of Power
Titel: Lang, Manfred:  2000. Teacher Development of Computer Use in Education in Germany
Titel: Moore, J. Drew:  2000. Book Review: An essay
Titel: Somekh, Bridget:  2000. New Technology and Learning: Policy and Practice in the UK, 1980–2010
Titel: WATSON, DERYN:  2000. Editorial
Titel: WATSON, DERYN:  2000. Editorial
Titel: Watson, Deryn:  2000. Editorial
Titel: Watson, Deryn:  2000. Editorial
Titel: DIPLAS, COSTAS N.:  2000. Design of Interactivity in Virtual Reality Applications with Emphasis on Educational Software Using Formal Interaction Specification
Titel: Debreceny, Roger:  2000. The Production of World Wide Web Multimedia Resources by Australian Universities – An Institutional Analysis
Titel: Duvall, Cheryl King:  2000. Distance education: relationship between academic performance and technology-adept adult students
Titel: Lapointe, Jean-François:  2000. Using VR for Efficient Training of Forestry Machine Operators
Titel: Montelpare, William J.:  2000. Web-based learning: Challenges in using the Internet in the undergraduate curriculum.
Titel: van den Berg, Ellen:  2000. Multimedia Cases in Elementary Science Teacher Education: Design and Development of a Prototype
Titel: Crosier, Joanna K.:  2000. Experimental Comparison of Virtual Reality with Traditional Teaching Methods for Teaching Radioactivity
Titel: Gabrielli, Silvia:  2000. Young Children's Spatial Representations Developed through Exploration of a Desktop Virtual Reality Scene
Titel: Kaufmann, Hannes:  2000. Construct3D: A Virtual Reality Application for Mathematics and Geometry Education
Titel: Selwood, Ian:  2000. Guest Editorial
Titel: Sánchez, Álvaro:  2000. Design of Virtual Reality Systems for Education: A Cognitive Approach
Titel: Antonietti, Alessandro:  2000. The Representation of Virtual Reality in Education
Titel: Markellou, Penelope:  2000. A Web adaptive educational system for people with hearing difficulties
Titel: Whitelock, Denise:  2000. Perfect presence: What does this mean for the design of virtual learning environments?
Titel: KAMEAS, A.:  2000. EIKON: Teaching a high-school technology course with the aid of virtual reality
Titel: Nielsen, Brett:  2000. Book Review
Titel: 1999. The International Federation for Information Processing IFIP (for short)
Titel: Andrews, Paul:  1999. Some institutional influences on secondary mathematics teachers' use of computers
Titel: Benzie, David:  1999. Formative evaluation: Can models help us to shape innovative programmes?
Titel: Collis, Betty:  1999. Teleware: Instrumentation for Tele-learning
Titel: Crawford, Roger:  1999. Teaching and Learning IT in Secondary Schools: Towards a New Pedagogy?
Titel: Downes, Toni:  1999. Children's Participation in Evaluating the Role of New Information and Communication Technologies in Schools
Titel: Downes, Toni:  1999. Playing with Computing Technologies in the Home
Titel: Egnatoff, William J.:  1999. Tapscott, D. (1998). Growing Up Digital. The Rise of the Net Generation. New York: McGraw Hill. xii +338. ISSN 0-07-063361-4. Web site:
Titel: Hammond, Michael:  1999. Issues associated with participation in on line forums—the case of the communicative learner
Titel: Lang, Manfred:  1999. Review of New Technologies for Learning: Contribution of ICT to innovation in education. by Dillemans, R., Lowyck, J., Van der Perre, G., Claeys, C. and Elen, J.
Titel: Marshall, Gail:  1999. Exploring Assessment
Titel: Marshall, Gail:  1999. Guest Editorial
Titel: Miller, Larry:  1999. The Child and the Machine: Why Computers May Put Our Children's Education at Risk
Titel: Nicholson, Paul:  1999. Learning with the media of their time
Titel: Passey, Don:  1999. Strategic evaluation of the impacts on learning of educational technologies: Exploring some of the issues for evaluators and future evaluation audiences
Titel: Selwyn, Neil:  1999. Student's attitudes towards computers in sixteen to nineteen education
Titel: Watson, Deryn:  1999. Editorial

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