The Health Care System in Israel Following the Implementation of the National Health Insurance Law / מערכת הבריאות בישראל בעקבות החלת חוק ביטוח בריאות ממלכתי

In this lead article, the guest editors provide a broad overview of the National Health Insurance Law (NHI) and its effects. The presentation begins with a summary of the factors which motivated the passage of the law, the law's objectives, its principal components, and the changes it mandated in he... Ausführliche Beschreibung

1. Person: גרוס, רויטל
Weitere Personen: רוזן, ברוך verfasserin; שירום, אריה verfasserin; Gross, Revital verfasserin; Rosen, Bruce verfasserin; Shirom, Arie verfasserin
Quelle: in Papers read by members of the American Musicological Society at the annual meeting , No. 54 (1999), p. 11-34
Weitere Artikel
Format: Online-Artikel
Sprache: Hebrew
Veröffentlicht: 1999
Beschreibung: Online-Ressource
Schlagworte: research-article
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