The Coherent Scattering of γ -rays by K Electrons in Heavy Atoms. III. The Scattering of 0· 64 mc<sup>2</sup> γ -Rays in Mercury

The results of calculations for the coherent scattering of γ -rays of energy 0· 64mc<sup>2</sup> are given in the form of scattering amplitudes as functions of angle. Values for the photo-electric effect at 0· 32mc<sup>2</sup> and 0· 64mc<sup>2</sup> are reported.... Ausführliche Beschreibung

1. Person: Brown, G. E.
Weitere Personen: Mayers, D. F. verfasserin
Quelle: in Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Vol. 234, No. 1198 (1956), p. 387-390
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Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: 1956
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Schlagworte: research-article
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