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Titel: 2019. Front Matter
Titel: Batifoulier, Philippe:  2019. The Dynamics of Conventions The Case of the French Social Security System
Titel: Bessis, Franck:  2019. A New Analysis of the Market for Legal Services. The Lawyer, homo œconomicus or homo conventionalis?
Titel: Bessy, Christian:  2019. The Dynamics of Authentication and Counterfeits in Markets
Titel: Diaz-Bone, Rainer:  2019. Economics of Convention Meets Foucault
Titel: Didry, Claude:  2019. Labor Law as a Base for Firms’ Organization
Titel: Dressler, Markus:  2019. Islamicate Secularities New Perspectives on a Contested Concept
Titel: Faust, Michael:  2019. The (Not Entirely) Financialized Enterprise – A Conceptual Proposal
Titel: Jakelja, Luka:  2019. Why Do Markets Change? Some Conventionalist Considerations on the Stability and Dynamic of Markets
Titel: Knoll, Lisa:  2019. Sustainable Markets and the State Taxation, Cap-and-Trade, Pay-for-Success, and Nudging
Titel: Lee, Yee Lak Elliot:  2019. Muslims as "Hui" in Late Imperial and Republican China. A Historical Reconsideration of Social Differentiation and Identity Construction
Titel: Ramstedt, Martin:  2019. Politics of Taxonomy in Postcolonial Indonesia Ethnic Traditions between Religionisation and Secularisation
Titel: Schielke, Samuli:  2019. Is Prose Poetry a Conspiracy Against the Noble Qur’an? Poetics, Humans, and God in Contemporary Egypt
Titel: Baumgaertner, Bert:  2018. Models of Opinion Dynamics and Mill-Style Arguments for Opinion Diversity
Titel: Best, Heinrich:  2018. Introduction Challenged Elites – Elites as Challengers. Towards a Unified Theory of Representative Elites
Titel: De Langhe, Rogier:  2018. An Agent-Based Model of Thomas Kuhn'sThe Structure of Scientific Revolutions
Titel: Englert, Barbara:  2018. The Hollywood Sports Film – Visualizing Hidden and Familiar Aspects of American Culture
Titel: Esmer, Yilmaz:  2018. Dimensions of Political Representation Ideological and Policy Congruence between the Representative and the Represented in Seven Countries
Titel: Ewert, Ulf Christian:  2018. Modelling Maritime Trade Systems Agent-Based Simulation and Medieval History
Titel: Gavin, Michael:  2018. An Agent-Based Computational Approach to "The Adam Smith Problem"
Titel: Georgakakis, Didier:  2018. Yanis (Varoufakis), the Minotaur, and the Field of Eurocracy
Titel: Hachleitner, Bernhard:  2018. TheWunderteam, Painted in Oil Insights of Images / Insights through Images in Sport Studies
Titel: Han, Sang-Jin:  2018. The Global Economic Crisis, Dual Polarization, and Liberal Democracy in South Korea
Titel: Hoffmann-Lange, Ursula:  2018. Parliamentarians' Evaluations of the Global Economic Crisis
Titel: Klein, Dominik:  2018. Agent-Based Modeling in Social Science, History, and Philosophy. An Introduction
Titel: Klüger, Elisa:  2018. Mapping the Inflections in the Policies of the Brazilian National Economic and Social Development Bank during the 1990s and 2000s within Social Spaces and Networks
Titel: Krüger, Michael:  2018. Visual Sources in the History of Sports Potential, Problems, and Perspectives with Selected Examples of Sporting Art
Titel: Lenger, Alexander:  2018. Socialization in the Academic and Professional Field Revealing the Homo Oeconomicus Academicus
Titel: Linhart, Eric:  2018. Measuring Party System Concentration Including the Cabinet Level
Titel: Markowski, Radosław:  2018. The Political Impact of the Global Crisis in Poland Delayed and Indirect Effects
Titel: Scheller, Simon:  2018. When Do Groups Get It Right? – On the Epistemic Performance of Voting and Deliberation
Titel: Shuman, Amanda:  2018. No Longer ‘Sick’ Visualizing ‘Victorious’ Athletes in 1950s Chinese Films
Titel: Öhberg, Patrik:  2018. Not all Crises are Detrimental for the Government. The Global Economic Crisis and the Swedish Case
Titel: 2017. Back Matter
Titel: 2017. Front Matter
Titel: 2017. Front Matter
Titel: Benz, Stefan:  2017. Measurable Effects of Denominations on Narrative Patterns. The German Case of Diversity in Narrating Histories
Titel: Chamaratana, Thanapauge:  2017. Social Mobility Springboard: Occupational Prestige of Thai Labour Brokers
Titel: Connolly, John:  2017. Habitus, the Writings of Irish Hunger Strikers and Elias's "The Loneliness of the Dying"
Titel: Gruber, Siegfried:  2017. The Influence of Religion on Marriage Ages in Albania around 1900
Titel: Kern, Thomas:  2017. Critique and Social Change: An Introduction
Titel: Krenn, Karoline:  2017. Introduction: Markets and Classifications - Constructing Market Orders in the Digital Age. An Introduction
Titel: Krenn, Karoline:  2017. Segmented Intermediation. Advice Concepts in German Financial Services
Titel: Liczbińska, Grażyna:  2017. Between Religion and Environment. Mortality and its Causative Factors in Greater Poland in the 19th Century
Titel: Schwarz, Christine:  2017. Going Underground: Merging Collaboration with Micro-Resistance
Titel: Sevignani, Sebastian:  2017. Surveillance, Classification, and Social Inequality in Informational Capitalism: The Relevance of Exploitation in the Context of Markets in Information
Titel: Wallmeier, Philip:  2017. Exit as Critique. Communes and Intentional Communities in the 1960s and Today
Titel: Zelko, Frank:  2017. Scaling Greenpeace: From Local Activism to Global Governance
Titel: 2016. Front Matter
Titel: 2016. Front Matter

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