The Exposure-Response Curve for Ozone and Risk of Mortality and the Adequacy of Current Ozone Regulations

Time-series analyses have shown that ozone is associated with increased risk of premature mortality, but little is known about how O<sub>3</sub> affects health at low concentrations. A critical scientific and policy question is whether a threshold level exists below which O<sub>3</sub> does not adve... Ausführliche Beschreibung

1. Person: Bell, Michelle L.
Weitere Personen: Peng, Roger D. verfasserin; Dominici, Francesca verfasserin
Quelle: in Environmental health perspectives : EHP Vol. 114, No. 4 (2006), p. 532-536
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Format: Online-Artikel
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: 2006
Beschreibung: Online-Ressource
Schlagworte: research-article
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