Balanced Silverman Games on General Discrete Sets

A Silverman game is a two-person zero-sum game defined in terms of two sets S I and S II of positive numbers, and two parameters, the threshold T > 1 and the penalty v > 0. Players I and II independently choose numbers from S I and S II, respectively. The higher number wins 1, unless it is at least ... Ausführliche Beschreibung

1. Person: Heuer, Gerald A.
Weitere Körperschaften: SpringerLink (Online service)
Weitere Personen: Leopold-Wildburger, Ulrike [author]
Format: E-Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Berlin, Heidelberg Springer Berlin Heidelberg 1991, 1991
Beschreibung: V, 140 p online resource
Serien: Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems
Schlagworte: Economics
Operation Research/Decision Theory
Operations research
Decision making
Economic theory
Economic Theory/Quantitative Economics/Mathematical Methods
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