Numerical Methods in Multidimensional Radiative Transfer

The book provides an overview of the numerical modelling of radiation fields in multidimensional geometries. It covers advances and problems in the mathematical treatment of the radiative transfer equation, a partial integro-differential equation of high dimension that describes the propagation of t... Ausführliche Beschreibung

1. Person: Kanschat, Guido [editor]
Weitere Körperschaften: SpringerLink (Online service)
Weitere Personen: Meinköhn, Erik [editor]; Rannacher, Rolf [editor]; Wehrse, Rainer [editor]
Format: E-Buch
Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: Berlin, Heidelberg Springer Berlin Heidelberg 2009, 2009
Beschreibung: VIII, 309 p. 86 illus online resource
Ausgabe: 1st ed. 2009
Schlagworte: Engineering
Atmospheric Sciences
Astronomy, Observations and Techniques
Computational Intelligence
Numerical analysis
Numerical Analysis
Online Zugang: Volltext
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  • The Radiation Field and its Transfer Equation
  • Stochastic Properties of the Radiative Transfer Equation
  • An Approach to Neutrino Radiative Transfer in Supernova Simulations
  • A Finite Element Method for the Even-Parity Radiative Transfer Equation Using the P N Approximation
  • Solution of Radiative Transfer Problems with Finite Elements
  • A General-Purpose Finite Element Method for 3D Radiative Transfer Problems
  • Radiative Transfer in 4D: The Inclusion of Kinematical Information
  • A Problem-Orientable Numerical Algorithm for Modeling Multi-Dimensional Radiative MHD Flows in Astrophysics – the Hierarchical Solution Scenario
  • Rapidly-Converging Methods for Solving Multilevel Transfer Problems
  • Radiative Transfer in NLTE Model Atmospheres
  • The Solution of the Radiative Transfer Equation in Axial Symmetry
  • Multidimensional Radiation Hydrodynamics
  • Probing the Initial Conditions for Star Formation with Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer Simulations
  • Radia

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