Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management

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Genre: production management, operations management, production engineering, operational research, Production management. Operations management, TS155-194
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Veröffentlicht: Associação Brasileira de Engenharia de Produção (ABEPRO) 2019
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Titel: Abel de Castro Laudares:  2019. When does it end? Monte Carlo Simulation Applied to Risk Management in Defense Logistics’ Procurement Processes
Titel: Adriana Leiras:  2019. Opportunities & Challenges for Operations Management – A point of view from the 2018 POMS International Conference in Rio
Titel: Adriane Monteiro Cavalieri Barbosa:  2019. Hybrid project management for sociotechnical digital transformation context
Titel: Aline Dresch:  2019. Design science in operations management: conceptual foundations and literature analysis
Titel: Ana Carla de Souza Gomes dos Santos:  2019. Total Quality Management: the case of an electricity distribution company
Titel: Andre Ribeiro de Oliveira:  2019. Design principles for research & development performance measurement systems: a systematic literature review
Titel: Andrezza de Oliveira Agápito:  2019. Using multicriteria analysis and fuzzy logic for project portfolio management
Titel: Andréa Cynthia Santos:  2019. New trends and opportunities in post-disaster relief optimization problems
Titel: Anna Lisa Junge:  2019. Digital transformation technologies as an enabler for sustainable logistics and supply chain processes – an exploratory framework
Titel: Arthur Antonio Silva Rosa:  2019. Sustainable practices and the relationship with suppliers in SSCM: a case study in wholesale
Titel: Bernardo Vitor de Souza Marins:  2019. Interdisciplinarity in Higher Education: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of the Literature in the period 2014-2018
Titel: Carla Schwengber ten Caten:  2019. Reshaping engineering learning to promote innovative entrepreneurial behavior
Titel: Carolina de Castro Lopes:  2019. Investment decisions in an oil refinery in Brazil under a real option approach
Titel: Custodio da Cunha Alves:  2019. The Mixed CUSUM-EWMA (MCE) control chart as a new alternative in the monitoring of a manufacturing process
Titel: Diego Honorato Clemente:  2019. The intersection between business model and modularity: an overview of the literature
Titel: Eduardo Ferro dos Santos:  2019. Makerspace for skills development in the industry 4.0 era
Titel: Enzo Morosini Frazzon:  2019. Towards Supply Chain Management 4.0
Titel: Fábio Lima:  2019. Digital Manufacturing Tools in the Simulation of Collaborative Robots: Towards Industry 4.0
Titel: Gabrielly Araújo Cordeiro:  2019. Theoretical proposal of steps for the implementation of the Industry 4.0 concept
Titel: Geraldo Dolce Martins:  2019. Blockchain in manufacturing revolution based on machine to machine transaction: a systematic review
Titel: Glayse Ferreira Perroni da Silva:  2019. Prioritization of strategic initiatives in the context of natural disaster prevention
Titel: Guilherme Brittes Benitez:  2019. Understanding Industry 4.0: Definitions and insights from a cognitive map analysis
Titel: Hanna Fux:  2019. What is the ideal scenario for circular economy to occur? A case study of the CircE project
Titel: Hannes Winkler:  2019. Trends in digitalization of intralogistics and the critical success factors of its implementation
Titel: Irineu de Brito Junior:  2019. Impact of the urban logistics and pedestrian mobility: Gamarra case, Peru
Titel: Istefani Carísio de Paula:  2019. Procedure for identifying factors and interfaces that are critical in a sustainable product
Titel: Jamile Eleutério Delesposte:  2019. The Brazilian Innovation Award: Analysis of assessment instrument validity and reliability
Titel: João Antonio Aparecido Cardoso:  2019. Blockchain Based MFA Solution: the use of hydro raindrop MFA for information security on WordPress websites
Titel: João Chang Junior:  2019. Computer Simulation Model for Outpatient Clinics in a Brazilian Large Public Hospital Specialized in Cardiology
Titel: Juracy Leandro do Nascimento:  2019. Evaluation of total oil and grease with flow control for mature oil fields in the context of industry 4.0
Titel: Marcela Souto Castro:  2019. A contemporary vision of project success criteria
Titel: Marcelo Xavier Seeling:  2019. A sales and operations planning application in the Brazilian subsidiary of a multinational chemical company
Titel: Marcio Carapeto Silveira Faria:  2019. Social license to operate – the perspective of professionals from Brazilian extractive companies
Titel: Mariana Wolff:  2019. Evaluation of road transport: a literature review
Titel: Mariane Bigarelli Ferreira:  2019. Streamlined Life Cycle Assessment tool for injection molding of plastic components: a literature review
Titel: Mohammad Hashemi Tabatabaei:  2019. Providing a Model for Ranking Suppliers in the Sustainable Supply Chain Using Cross Efficiency Method in Data Envelopment Analysis
Titel: Ramon Baptista Narcizo:  2019. Innovation capability maturity in non-R&D performers: a reference model
Titel: Raquel Mello:  2019. Lessons from empirical studies in supply chain flexibility: a maturity perspective
Titel: Rodrigo Antônio Silveira Santos:  2019. The use of Airpower on Humanitarian Operations: a case study in Brazil
Titel: Supriyo Roy:  2019. Strategic alliance between information intensive services and supply chain integration: impact on firm performance
Titel: Tamara de Melo Sathler:  2019. Integration of Facility Location and Equipment Allocation in Health Care Management
Titel: Thiago Guilherme Péra:  2019. Evaluation of green transport corridors of Brazilian soybean exports to China
Titel: Érika de Andrade Silva Leal:  2019. Assessment of the impacts of Innovation Grants in Brazilian States
Titel: Úrsula Maruyama:  2019. Circular Economy in higher education ınstitutions: lessons learned from Brazıl-Colombıa network
Titel: Úrsula Maruyama:  2019. Sustainability and green marketing challenge: Brazilian brewing industry case study
Titel: Adriano Pereira:  2018. How connectivity and search for producers impact production in Industry 4.0 networks
Titel: Aidin Delgoshaei:  2018. A Hybrid Ant Colony System and Tabu Search algorithm for the production planning of dynamic cellular manufacturing systems while confronting uncertain costs
Titel: Alaercio Nicoletti Junior:  2018. ERP Implementation Project in a brewing manufacturer: the quality attribute as a performance differential
Titel: Alberto Eduardo Besser Freitag:  2018. Lean Office and digital transformation: a case study in a services company
Titel: Alex Frechette:  2018. Autonomous articulations of creative practices and resources management in art production and exhibition in Rio de Janeiro

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