Journal of Business and Behavioural Entrepreneurship

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Genre: management, business, entrepreneurship, Business, HF5001-6182
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Veröffentlicht: Universitas Negeri Jakarta 2019
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Titel: Augustine Priyowidodo:  2019. Influencing of Organizational Culture, Leadership Style, and Work Stress to The Turnover Intention of Employees Stella Maris Education Foundation Jakarta
Titel: Ida Farida:  2019. The Effect of Organizational Culture, Personality, Teamwork, Procedural Justice, and Organizational Citizenship Behavior on Job Tomori Pertamina North Sulawesi
Titel: Jazilul Fawaid:  2019. The Effect of Organization Commitment to Performance of Kebangkitan Bangsa Party Members of Indonesian Parliament
Titel: Muhamad Azis Firdaus:  2019. Antecedent Direct And Indirect Of Employee Engagement
Titel: Soetjahjo Niti Tisno Harijono:  2019. The Effect of Organizational Culture on Performance of Government Internal Supervisory Apparatus (APIP) in The National Indonesian Navy
Titel: Andi Muhammad Sadat:  2018. Organizational Amnesia: the Barrier of Value Creation and Organizational Performance in Small and Medium Sized Enterprise
Titel: Anida Amalia Luthfiah:  2018. The Effects Of Financial Performance Toward Firm Value With Ownership Structure As Moderating Variable (The Study On Manufacturing Companies Listed In Indonesia Stock Exchange In The Period Of 2012-2016)
Titel: Bambang Eko Samiono:  2018. The Effect of Entrepreneurship Education on Entrepreneurship Intention of Students of Private Islamic Universities in Jakarta
Titel: Lutfi Adin Affandi:  2018. Esprit de Corps and Desertion Intention in Indonesian Navy
Titel: Mohamad Rizal Pautina:  2018. The Correlation Between Interest In Entrepreneurship And Students’ Self-Esteem
Titel: Ratna Putri Indah Puspita:  2018. The Impact Of Dividend Policy, Managerial Ownership, Institutional Ownership To Capital Structure On Manufacturing Company In Indonesia Stock Exchange (Idx) Period 2012-2016
Titel: Sarah Maysuri:  2018. The Effect Of Working Capital Management To Financial Performance Of The Company In Manufacturing Sector Listed In Indonesia Stock Exchange (Idx) Pe-riod 2013-2016
Titel: Sonny Haryanto:  2018. Analyzing Abnormal Return Before And After The Announcement Of Merger And Acquisition In 2018
Titel: Tubagus Hkualizaman:  2018. Investigating Organizational Culture among Civil Servants Organizational Commitment
Titel: Wibawa Prasetya:  2018. On Identifying the Factors that Affect Turnover Intention
Titel: Bayu Setiawan:  2017. Formation Pattern State Defense Reserve Components In Five Countries Of Asean
Titel: Djaali Djaali:  2017. The Effect of Integrity, Work Culture, Knowledge of Audit Techniques, and Task Commitment Toward The Performance of Customs and Excise Auditors
Titel: Khoirul Umam:  2017. Gender Roles against Opportunities for Entrepreneurship
Titel: Neela Osman:  2017. Do Performance Appraisal, Compensation Andjob Satisfaction Influence Employees’ Loyalty Of Generation Y?
Titel: Sri Nurcahyati:  2017. Evaluation on Implementation of Performance Management in Asuransi Jiwa Bersama (AJB) Bumiputra 1912
Titel: Tamer Zaki Fouad Mohamed:  2017. Geo-service Industry Analysis: Scanning Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Asia-Pacific

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