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Genre: technology, material science, design, engineering, Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General), TA1-2040, Science, Q, Science (General), Q1-390
Sprache: Turkish
Veröffentlicht: Gazi University 2018
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Titel: Adem DALCALI:  2019. A Detailed Study for the Determination of Phase Inductances of a Shaded-Pole Induction Motor with Variable Air Gap
Titel: Ahmet AKTAŞ:  2019. Investigation of Power Generation System Driven by Wind and Sea Flow Energy
Titel: Ahmet Esat SÜZER:  2019. GPS L1 Signal Simulation and Interface Design
Titel: Ali ERDUMAN:  2019. A New Pre-processing for Assessing Connection Areas for Busbars of Wind Power Plants Using Meteorological, Financial and Electrical Grid Data
Titel: Arzu YAVAŞCAOĞLU:  2019. The Effects of Weft Density, Weft Yarn Count and Weave Type on Air and Water Vapor Permeability in 100% Acrylic Woven Fabrics
Titel: Ayla GÜLCÜ:  2019. A Survey of Hyper-parameter Optimization Methods in Convolutional Neural Networks
Titel: Barış AVAR:  2019. Structural and Mechanical Properties of Nanocrystalline Fe60Al30Cu10 (at.%) Powders Prepared by Mechanical Alloying
Titel: Bilal AYDOĞAN:  2019. An Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Acetone, Tetrahydrofuran and N-heptane Fuel Blends on HCCI Combustion and Engine Performance
Titel: Bilsay SÜMER:  2019. A Comprehensive Study on the Sensing Characteristics of a Piezoresistive Tactile Sensor
Titel: Buğra AYAN:  2019. Detection of Islamophobic Tweets on Twitter Using Sentiment Analysis
Titel: C. Oktay AZELOĞLU:  2019. A New Hydrotherapy Exercise Device’s Conceptual Design with Systematical Design Approach
Titel: Duygu YILMAZ EROĞLU:  2019. Support System of Acceptance-Rejection Decision for Incoming Quality Control Process
Titel: Emre DANDIL:  2019. An Application for Computer-Assisted Automatic Segmentation of Liver on Computed Tomography Images
Titel: Emre DANDIL:  2019. Computer Vision Based Goal Decision System for Football Match: A Prototype Study
Titel: Emre Nadar:  2019. Optimization of sales plans in closed-loop supply chains with non-stationary consumer behavior
Titel: Engin Cemal MENGÜÇ:  2019. A Novel Fully Complex Nonlinear Adaptive Finite Impulse Response Filter Algorithm
Titel: Ergun UZLU:  2019. Estimates of Energy Consumption Using Neural Networks with the Grey Wolf Optimizer Algorithm for Turkey
Titel: Ersagun Kürşat YAYLACI:  2019. Implementation of a Sample Test System for an Autonomous Wind Energy System
Titel: Fahri MURAT:  2019. Functionally Graded Porous Implants Obtained by Additive Manufacturing
Titel: Faruk KILIÇ:  2019. Effect of External Insulation on Drying Time and Energy Consumption in Food Drying Oven
Titel: Fatih AKSOY:  2019. An Investigation of Combustion and Performance Characteristics of a Direct Injection Diesel Engine Fuelled With The Blends of 10% Fish Oil Biodiesel and 90% Diesel Fuel
Titel: Fazıl CANBULUT:  2019. Using TRIZ and Brainstorming in Design: With the case study of a Bed Base Scissors Lift System
Titel: Funda BATTAL:  2019. An Analysis on Vibration Effects of Dry Type Transformers Operating Under Nonlinear Load Conditions
Titel: Gökhan ARSLAN:  2019. Estimation of Measured Global Solar Radiation by Artificial Neural Networks for Mersin / Turkey and Comparison with Common Solar Radiation Models
Titel: Gökhan SUR:  2019. Investigation of Design, Manufacturing and Performance of Light Metal Matrix Composite Material Production System
Titel: Hakan AÇIKGÖZ:  2019. Analysis of Voltage Stability in IEEE 14-Bus Power System with Extreme Learning Machine
Titel: Halil ARIK:  2019. Investigation of Wear Properties of Al-SiC Composite Materials Produced by Powder Metallurgy Method
Titel: Hüseyin GÜNEŞ:  2019. Development of Simulation for Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Smart Homes
Titel: Islam Şafak BAYRAM:  2019. A Stochastic Energy Storage Capacity Sizing in Smart Grid
Titel: Mehmet BİLİM:  2019. Error Probability Analysis of a Composite Weibull/Log-Normal Fading Channel
Titel: Mehmet DEMİRTAŞ:  2019. The Probabilistic Prediction of Solar Energy Power Production Based on Time in Smart Grids
Titel: Mehmet Rıda Tür:  2019. The scenario of price creation in the electricity market based on micro-grid systems
Titel: Melika ÖZER:  2019. The Effect of Deep Cryogenic Processing and Tempering Heat Treatment of AISI H13 Tool Steel on Microstructure, Hardness and Impact Energy
Titel: Meryem POLAT GÖNÜLLÜ:  2019. An Overview of Atomic Layer Deposition Technique: Synthesis of ZnO, TiO2 and Al2O3 Films
Titel: Mustafa ÖZDEMİR:  2019. Analysis of the Effect Rates of Cutting Parameters on Surface Roughness using Surface Response Method
Titel: Mutlu SAYGILI:  2019. Protection Modelling and Analysis of Energy Transmission Lines and Implementation for Ankara Region
Titel: Naki GÜLER:  2019. Design and Control of Multi – Input Multi – Output DC-DC Converter for Neutral Point Clamped Inverters
Titel: Nazlı PALAMUT KEMALOĞLU:  2019. Investigation of 1-D Numerical Simulations of Dam Break Flood Wave Propagation: Case of Rahmanlar Dam
Titel: Nihat DALDAL:  2019. Conversion of the manual generator to the automatic generator and its remote monitoring
Titel: Nurettin ÜSTKOYUNCU:  2019. A Performance Comparison of Conventional and Transverse Flux Rotating Switched Reluctance Motors
Titel: Nuri KAPUCU:  2019. Effective Capacity Performance of α-κ-μ Fading Channels
Titel: Oğuz ALKUL:  2019. Review of the Solid-State Transformers and an Application of Full Bridge DC/DC Converter
Titel: Oğuz Kürşat DEMİRCİ:  2019. The Investigation of the Effects of Using Natural Gas on the Performance and Exhaust Emissions in an HCCI-DI Engine
Titel: Rasim ÖZDEMİR:  2019. The Effect of Additives on Structural and Magnetic Properties of CoNi Alloy Thin Film Coatings Produced by Electrodeposition
Titel: Rıdvan DEMİR:  2019. Reduced Order Extended Kalman Filter based Parameter Estimation for Induction Motor Drives
Titel: Salim ÇINAR:  2019. Integrated Circuits Tester Design for Logic Circuit Laboratories
Titel: Sanver ÖZGÜVEN:  2019. 3D Printed Ceramic Vases
Titel: Serdar EKİNCİ:  2019. Design of PID Controller for Automatic Voltage Regulator System through Kidney-inspired Algorithm
Titel: Serdar MERCAN:  2019. Joining of Dissimilar Metal Pairs by Mechanical Locking Method

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