Томка И., Рак О., Лехкун Г. Проблемы перевода французских и немецких медицинских терминов - эпонимов на украинский язык. В статье раскрываются проблемы перевода фран... Ausführliche Beschreibung

1. Person: Інна ТОМКА verfasserin
Weitere Personen: Олександр РАК verfasserin; Геннадій ЛЕХКУН verfasserin
Quelle: In Aktualʹnì Pitannâ Suspìlʹnih Nauk ta Istorìï Medicini (01.12.2016)
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Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: 2016
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Zusammenfassung: Томка И., Рак О., Лехкун Г. Проблемы перевода французских и немецких медицинских терминов - эпонимов на украинский язык. В статье раскрываются проблемы перевода французских и немецких медицинских терминов – эпонимов на украинский язык. Имеются разные взгляды ученых относительно целесообразности использования терминов – эпонимов. Анализ терминов – эпонимов позволил выделить самые главные лексико–семантические группы. Рассмотрены проблемы употребления терминов – эпонимов в современном медицинском дискурсе. В перспективе желательно составить специализированные словари с медицинскими терминами – эпонимами. Ключевые слова: медицинский термин, термин - эпоним, трудности перевода, французский язык, немецкий язык, украинский язык, синдром, транслитерация. Tomka I., Rak A., Lekhkun G. The problems of translation french medical terms – eponyms into ukrainian language. In the given article the difficulties of translation of French and German medical terms - eponyms into the Ukrainian language are discovered. There are different views on the desirability of using scientific terms - eponyms. An analysis of the terms - eponyms gave us a possibility to identify the most important lexical-semantic groups. The problems of the use of terms - eponyms in contemporary medical discourse were investigated. It is desirable to create specialized dictionaries with medical terms - eponyms in the future. We have investigated a large number of terms - eponyms which are in different groups of certain subsystems of medical terminology, anatomico - histological, clinical and pharmaceutical. The medical term is the result of theoretical generalization and should accurately reflect the nature of the describing phenomenon,because eponyms in terms of medical terminology have negative characteristics also. Translation of medical terminology requires great responsibility, because it concerns health or even the life of a man. Working with medical texts, the translator faces a wide range of problems. We investigated the problems of the use of medical eponyms in contemporary discourse.The ivestigation showed the fact that translation of eponyms have certain difficulties associated with differences in the French and Ukrainian Classification System,methodical nomenclature system, research methods etc. We conducted a detailed analysis of lexicographical works,selected more than 400 eponimic French terms for the review,with their translation into Ukrainian. Eponimyc terms are used to describe diseases, symptoms and syndromes, medical devices and scales, classifications, ratios, indexes,etc. Medical terms can be combined into lexical - semantic groups with certain internal organization based on common concepts. Analysis of medical terminology allowed us to single out the most important lexical - semantic groups of medical eponyms Thus, the specified linguistic peculiarities of medical terminology as lexical units proves that eponyms play a significant role in the system of Cross-Language Communication. Key words: medical term, eponym, eponymic term, the difficulties of translation, syndrome, transliteration, the French language, the Ukrainian language.
ISSN: 2311-9896

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