Fermentation profile, chemical composition and dry matter losses of orange pulp silage with different microbial inoculantsPerfil fermentativo, composição bromatológica e perdas em silagem de bagaço de laranja com diferentes inoculantes microbianos

The objective of this experiment was to evaluate the effects of microbial inoculants on the reduced concentration of gases and effluent, dry matter recovery, pH, volatile fatty acids, and chemical composition of orange pulp silage, using a completely randomized design, with four treatments and four ... Ausführliche Beschreibung

1. Person: Mônica Chaves Françozo
Weitere Personen: Elsa Walter Santana verfasserin; Lisiane Dornelles de Lima verfasserin; Luiz Cesar da Silva verfasserin; Agostinho Ludovico verfasserin; Fabíola Cristine de Almeida Rego verfasserin
Quelle: In Semina: Ciências Agrárias (01.02.2012)
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Sprache: English
Veröffentlicht: 2012
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