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world economy
international cooperation in education
International relations
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Titel: Aleksandr:  2018. Building a Common Eurasian Infrastructure: Agenda for the Eurasian Economic Union
Titel: Aleksandr Korolev:  2018. Security Institutions in Greater Eurasia: Implications for Russia
Titel: Amar Bhattacharya:  2018. The New Global Agenda and the Future of the Multilateral Development Bank System
Titel: Anastasia Likhacheva:  2018. Risk Assessment of Trade Liberalization with Asian Countries in the Context of Russia’s Policy of Pivot to Asia
Titel: Anastasiya Pyatachkova:  2018. The Concept of "Greater Eurasia" in the Turn of Russia to the East
Titel: Andronova I.:  2018. Engagement between the New Development Bank and Other Development Banks: A Formal Basis for Future Cooperation
Titel: Bratersky M.:  2018. Russia and Peacekeeping Operations: Conceptual and Practical Components of Russia’s Policy
Titel: Dmitriy Novikov:  2018. Development of Multilateral Economic Institutions in Greater Eurasia: Problems, Prospects and Implications for Russia
Titel: E. Sidorova:  2018. The Innovation Development of the BRICS Countries: Preconditions and Prospects for Cooperation
Titel: Golub K.:  2018. Collective Security Treaty Organization: Origins of the Multidimensional Mandate and Modern Means for its Implementation
Titel: Ilya Prilepskiy:  2018. G20 Framework for Strong, Sustainable, Balanced and Inclusive Growth: German Presidency Outcomes and Recommendations for the Argentinian Presidency
Titel: Jan Wouters:  2018. A European Perspective on the G20 and the BRICS
Titel: John Kirton:  2018. G20 Governance of Digitalization
Titel: Kurylev K.:  2018. A Quantitative Analysis of Geopolitical Pluralism in the Post-Soviet Space
Titel: Larionova M.:  2018. The G20, BRICS and APEC in the System of International Institutions:
Titel: Leksyutina Y.:  2018. Functional Changes in China’s Participation in the Multilateral Development Banks: from Borrower to Creditor Status
Titel: Martin Gilman:  2018. Divergent Performance and Shifting Alliances in a Deglobalizing World
Titel: Nasi:  2018. Sino-Russian Cooperation with Central Asian States in “One Belt-One Road Format” as SCO Development Factor
Titel: Rashid Alimov:  2018. The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and Greater Eurasia
Titel: Ruslan:  2018. The Central Asian Track of the One Belt One Road Initiative: Opportunities and Risks
Titel: Sakharov A.:  2018. Shift in the United States Climate Policy and the Arctic Council Agenda
Titel: Sandra Polaski:  2018. The G20’s Promise to Create More and Better Jobs: Missed Opportunities and a Way Forward
Titel: Sang-Chul Park:  2018. U.S. Protectionism and Trade Imbalance between the U.S. and Northeast Asian Countries
Titel: Solomatin A.:  2018. The World Bank and Fragile States: Dynamics of Cooperation and Aid Structure
Titel: Zhuravleva E.:  2018. An Applied Analysis of the Soft Power of the PRC, Russia and the U.S. in Mongolia
Titel: Zuev V.:  2018. The European Model of Sport: Values, Rules and Interests
Titel: Adriana Erthal Abdenur:  2017. Can the BRICS Cooperate in International Security?
Titel: Alexander Sokolov:  2017. Sustainable Economic Growth: Challenges and Opportunities
Titel: Alexandra Morozkina:  2017. Education Systems and Multilateral Development Banks: International Practices and Perspectives
Titel: Andrei Sakharov :  2017. BRICS Investment Policies from PFI Perspective
Titel: Andrei Shelepov:  2017. New and Traditional Multilateral Development Banks: Current and Potential Cooperation
Titel: Andrew Cooper:  2017. Between Hub Status and Parallelism: Examining the G20-BRICS Dynamics in Global Governance
Titel: Andrey Shelepov:  2017. Indonesia and the BRICS: Implementing the BEPS Action Plan
Titel: Ashot Bayadyan:  2017. Problems of Development and Integration of the Securities Market in the Countries of the EAEU
Titel: David A. Wirth:  2017. Global Governance of Climate Change The Paris Agreement as a New Component of the UN Climate Regime
Titel: Denis Degtyarev:  2017. Interconnections among the United States, Russia and China: Does Kissinger’s American Leadership Formula Apply?
Titel: Elena Medyanik:  2017. Joint Universities as a Tool for Promoting the National Interests of Russia and China
Titel: Ella Kokotsis:  2017. G20 and BRICS: Enhancing Delivery Legitimacy
Titel: Gleb Toropchin:  2017. From Goa to Xiamen. On Some Aspects of Political Cooperation within BRICS
Titel: Hannah Wurf:  2017. Practitioners’ Views Promoting Infrastructure Investment: The G20 and the Multilateral Development Banks
Titel: Jan Wouters:  2017. Cooperation to Ensure Economic Growth and International Security The G20 and the BRICS on Trade and Investment: Trends and Policies
Titel: John Kirton:  2017. Securing Stability and Inclusiveness: G20 Summit Success in Controlling Financial Crises
Titel: Konstantin Kurilev:  2017. Royal-Dutch Shell in Russia and Western Sanctions
Titel: Konstantin Kurilev:  2017. The Phenomenon of Private Military Companies in the Military and Power Policies of States in the 21st Century
Titel: Lyudmila Vidiasova:  2017. Developing E-Governance in the Eurasian Economic Union: Progress, Challenges and Prospects
Titel: Marek Rewizorski:  2017. G20 and the Development of a New Global Governance Mechanism
Titel: Maria Raquel Freire:  2017. EU Relations with the BRICS: Strategic Partnership or Structural Disjunction?
Titel: Marina Larionova:  2017. G20 Priorities and Decisions under Turkey’s 2015 Presidency: Implementation, Inclusiveness and Investment for Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth
Titel: Marina Larionova:  2017. G20: Engaging with International Organizations to Generate Growth
Titel: Marina Larionova:  2017. The Hangzhou Consensus: Legacy for China, G20 and the World1

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