Redox Biology

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Genre: cancer, metabolism, cardiovascular, inflammation, aging, molecular biology, Medicine (General), R5-920, Biology (General), QH301-705.5
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Veröffentlicht: Elsevier 2013
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Titel: Aaron B. Morton:  2019. Increased SOD2 in the diaphragm contributes to exercise-induced protection against ventilator-induced diaphragm dysfunction
Titel: Aaron Wilson:  2019. Nitric oxide-donor/PARP-inhibitor combination: A new approach for sensitization to ionizing radiation
Titel: Adam Y. Xiao:  2019. Sodium sulfide selectively induces oxidative stress, DNA damage, and mitochondrial dysfunction and radiosensitizes glioblastoma (GBM) cells.
Titel: Agnes Keszler:  2019. Ascorbate attenuates red light mediated vasodilation: Potential role of S-nitrosothiols
Titel: Agnieszka Graczyk-Jarzynka:  2019. Inhibition of thioredoxin-dependent H2O2 removal sensitizes malignant B-cells to pharmacological ascorbate
Titel: Alejandro Gonzalez-Candia:  2019. Antenatal melatonin modulates an enhanced antioxidant/pro-oxidant ratio in pulmonary hypertensive newborn sheep
Titel: Aleksandr E. Vendrov:  2019. NOXA1-dependent NADPH oxidase regulates redox signaling and phenotype of vascular smooth muscle cell during atherogenesis
Titel: Alicia J. Kowaltowski:  2019. Strategies to detect mitochondrial oxidants
Titel: Anders L. Sørensen:  2019. Statin treatment, oxidative stress and inflammation in a Danish population
Titel: Andrea Gille:  2019. Nuclear trapping of inactive FOXO1 by the Nrf2 activator diethyl maleate
Titel: Andrea Guidarelli:  2019. Calcium signals between the ryanodine receptor- and mitochondria critically regulate the effects of arsenite on mitochondrial superoxide formation and on the ensuing survival vs apoptotic signaling
Titel: Aneesh Chandrasekharan:  2019. A high-throughput real-time in vitro assay using mitochondrial targeted roGFP for screening of drugs targeting mitochondria
Titel: Angelo Azzi:  2019. Tocopherols, tocotrienols and tocomonoenols: Many similar molecules but only one vitamin E
Titel: Anna Laitakari:  2019. Systemic inactivation of hypoxia-inducible factor prolyl 4-hydroxylase 2 in mice protects from alcohol-induced fatty liver disease
Titel: Anna Lewinska:  2019. c-Myc activation promotes cofilin-mediated F-actin cytoskeleton remodeling and telomere homeostasis as a response to oxidant-based DNA damage in medulloblastoma cells
Titel: Annette Brandt:  2019. Consumption of decaffeinated coffee protects against the development of early non-alcoholic steatohepatitis: Role of intestinal barrier function
Titel: Antti Hassinen:  2019. A Golgi-associated redox switch regulates catalytic activation and cooperative functioning of ST6Gal-I with B4GalT-I
Titel: Archit Rastogi:  2019. Mapping glutathione utilization in the developing zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryo
Titel: Arina G. Shokhina:  2019. Red fluorescent redox-sensitive biosensor Grx1-roCherry
Titel: Aslihan Ekim Kocabey:  2019. Mitochondrial Sco proteins are involved in oxidative stress defense
Titel: Aslihan Ugun-Klusek:  2019. Monoamine oxidase-A promotes protective autophagy in human SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells through Bcl-2 phosphorylation
Titel: Barbara L. Hopkins:  2019. Redoxins as gatekeepers of the transcriptional oxidative stress response
Titel: Bowen Xie:  2019. Dual blockage of STAT3 and ERK1/2 eliminates radioresistant GBM cells
Titel: Bruno Savelli:  2019. RedoxiBase: A database for ROS homeostasis regulated proteins
Titel: Bumsoo Ahn:  2019. Using MRI to measure in vivo free radical production and perfusion dynamics in a mouse model of elevated oxidative stress and neurogenic atrophy
Titel: C.J. Banks:  2019. Mechanisms of SOD1 regulation by post-translational modifications
Titel: Celine Duraffourd:  2019. PKG1α oxidation negatively regulates food seeking behaviour and reward
Titel: Chandrika Canugovi:  2019. Increased mitochondrial NADPH oxidase 4 (NOX4) expression in aging is a causative factor in aortic stiffening
Titel: Chen Chen:  2019. Resveratrol as a new inhibitor of immunoproteasome prevents PTEN degradation and attenuates cardiac hypertrophy after pressure overload
Titel: Chontida Yarana:  2019. Extracellular vesicle-mediated macrophage activation: An insight into the mechanism of thioredoxin-mediated immune activation
Titel: Christina Pickel:  2019. Oxygen-dependent bond formation with FIH regulates the activity of the client protein OTUB1
Titel: Claudia Montllor-Albalate:  2019. Extra-mitochondrial Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase (Sod1) is dispensable for protection against oxidative stress but mediates peroxide signaling in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Titel: Corina T. Madreiter-Sokolowski:  2019. Enhanced inter-compartmental Ca2+ flux modulates mitochondrial metabolism and apoptotic threshold during aging
Titel: Cristiane Naffah de Souza Breda:  2019. Mitochondria as central hub of the immune system
Titel: Cristina de Dios:  2019. Oxidative inactivation of amyloid beta-degrading proteases by cholesterol-enhanced mitochondrial stress
Titel: D. Tews:  2019. Elevated UCP1 levels are sufficient to improve glucose uptake in human white adipocytes
Titel: Dae Hyun Kim:  2019. FoxO6-mediated IL-1β induces hepatic insulin resistance and age-related inflammation via the TF/PAR2 pathway in aging and diabetic mice
Titel: Debapriya Chakraborty:  2019. Enhanced autophagic-lysosomal activity and increased BAG3-mediated selective macroautophagy as adaptive response of neuronal cells to chronic oxidative stress
Titel: Di Shao:  2019. Improved mass spectrometry-based activity assay reveals oxidative and metabolic stress as sirtuin-1 regulators
Titel: Diego G. Ogando:  2019. Ammonia sensitive SLC4A11 mitochondrial uncoupling reduces glutamine induced oxidative stress
Titel: Diego Herrero:  2019. Age-related oxidative stress confines damage-responsive Bmi1+ cells to perivascular regions in the murine adult heart
Titel: Diego Pozzer:  2019. A maladaptive ER stress response triggers dysfunction in highly active muscles of mice with SELENON loss
Titel: Dominik C. Fuhrmann:  2019. TMEM126B deficiency reduces mitochondrial SDH oxidation by LPS, attenuating HIF-1α stabilization and IL-1β expression
Titel: Eleonora Cremonini:  2019. Anthocyanins protect the gastrointestinal tract from high fat diet-induced alterations in redox signaling, barrier integrity and dysbiosis
Titel: Emily E. Brown:  2019. Mitochondrial oxidative stress in the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) led to metabolic dysfunction in both the RPE and retinal photoreceptors
Titel: Ersilia Varone:  2019. SELENON (SEPN1) protects skeletal muscle from saturated fatty acid-induced ER stress and insulin resistance
Titel: Ester Zito:  2019. Targeting ER stress/ER stress response in myopathies
Titel: Eunkyong Ko:  2019. SERPINA3 is a key modulator of HNRNP-K transcriptional activity against oxidative stress in HCC
Titel: Evan DeVallance:  2019. Exercise training prevents the perivascular adipose tissue-induced aortic dysfunction with metabolic syndrome
Titel: Evan Noel Pennell:  2019. Acute bilirubin ditaurate exposure attenuates ex vivo platelet reactive oxygen species production, granule exocytosis and activation

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